Advising on automated pharmacy systems

We work with hospital clients to:

  •   identify if automated systems will provide solutions to inventory management problems (through a diagnostic process); and
  •   assist them identify the automated pharmacy systems which will solve the problems and most effectively meet their needs.


Through a hospital-wide review of pharmaceutical inventory practices and processes, and a comparison of these with good practice inventory management (the diagnostic activity) , we identify:

  •   variance, waste and where impediments to efficient inventory management can be eliminated;
  •   the most effective solutions for doing this including the role that automated pharmacy systems may play; and
  •   where automated pharmacy systems can provide value, the type of system (e.g. pharmacy-based robotic dispensing systems and ward / theatre-based automated dispensing cabinets) will best meet a hospital’s needs.


As part of a complete package of services in regard to automated pharmacy systems, we:

  •   develop specifications for automated systems in collaboration with clients;
  •   manage the request for tender process including early market engagement;
  •   gather and provide data and information which tenderers require to submit their most competitive proposals;
  •   prepare compliance and specifications response sheets for tenderers to complete;
  •   develop schedules for draft service agreements;
  •   prepare weighting and response assessment tools; and
  •   provide an assessment and summary of tender responses to allow clients to make informed decisions.


We can also assist with implementation and contract management post-implementation.