Managing tender processes

We manage a range of request for tender (RFT) processes including for:

  •   comprehensive hospital pharmacy services;
  •   pharmaceutical products;
  •   a preferred pharmaceutical wholesaler to a hospital or health service;
  •   an outsourced supplier of aseptically compounded chemotherapy;
  •   automated pharmacy systems; and
  •   electronic medication management (eMM) systems.


We assist clients to more fully understand the particular sector of the hospital market in which they are interested.


In managing an RFT process, we prepare draft and final versions of:

  •   specifications which are developed in collaboration with clients to meet the specific needs of the hospital;
  •   usages data and information reports for tenderers;
  •   a tender information pack (which provides guidance and information to tenderers and the requirements of the client);
  •   contact compliance and specifications response sheets which tenderers are invited to complete;
  •   service agreements; and
  •   weighting and response assessment tools.


We provide:

  •   overall management of the RFT process from decision to tender to the appointment of a preferred tenderer(s) which enables clients to be involved as much or as little as they prefer but always at critical decision stages of the RFT process; and
  •   an assessment and summary of tender responses to allow clients to make informed decisions quickly and conveniently.