Providing specialist advice

We specialise in providing independent advice on all aspects of medication use processes and hospital pharmacy services. This includes but is not limited to advising on quality systems, cost minimisation, contracts, risk management, revenue opportunities, operational issues and options for services.


Our consulting also includes:

  •   developing and implementing pharmacy services;
  •   optimising inventory management;
  •   conducting cost and revenue analysis;
  •   assessing the value of automated pharmacy systems;
  •   analysing data and pricing; and
  •   reviewing aseptic compounding.


We also provide independent specialist advice to:

  •   health departments in relation to models for state wide pharmacy services;
  •   hospitals on the feasibility of new pharmacy-related services or capital investment;
  •   statutory authorities in relation to regulatory process, documentation, standards and guidelines;
  •   hospitals on optimising pharmacy inventory management, policies and practices;
  •   larger consulting firms as subject matter experts on specific aspects of the hospital market;
  •   pharmaceutical and IT companies on commercial opportunities of products in the hospital market;
  •   hospitals on pharmacy-related business and workflow process redesign;
  •   government departments responsible for a broad range of service provision where advice on pharmacy or medication use is required;
  •   health service providers and pharmacy departments on the development and implementation of strategy;
  •   supply chain companies on processes or innovation in the pharmaceutical value chain;
  •   health service providers in regard to their level of compliance with the National Safety and Quality. Health Service Standards related to medication;
  •   health departments on the effectiveness of state-wide processes or services, related medication;
  •   universities on pharmacy-related quality frameworks and training programs;
  •   health departments and hospitals on compliance of aseptic compounding with relevant standards; and
  •   health service providers on future pharmacy service requirements.


We also participate as subject matter experts and independent members of government and health service provider committees of review or oversight.