is an independent consultancy specialising in advising hospitals, health services, health departments and others in the healthcare world on issues related to medication management and pharmacy services.

PharmConsult consults to:

  • private and public hospitals
  • state and Federal government departments
  • statutory authorities
  • aged care facilities
  • pharmaceutical companies

Almost all of PharmConsult’s work is directly related to advising on the systems and processes for the use of medicines or provision of pharmacy services in Australian hospitals. This work involves  assisting public and private hospitals, health departments and key regulatory, standards and commercial entities in the Australian health care market to more effectively manage challenges related to medication management and pharmacy services, including quality systems, risk management, standards, guidelines, cost, contracts, operational issues, business processes, identifying opportunities  exploring options for providing greater value and improving efficiency, safety and effectiveness.

PharmConsult’s expertise has been developed through its consultants having worked in senior clinical and management pharmacy roles in public and private hospitals throughout Australia and through PharmConsult’s consulting work.

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