Compliance audits

Investigate the extent to which the expected financial and service benefits of a contracted service are being delivered.


You will have questions such as the following, answered:

  • Are we receiving the services we are paying for?
  • Are we paying the right price for medicines and pharmacy services?
  • How much is non-compliance costing us?
  • Are we making the most of our contracted arrangements?


We will:

  • undertake a detailed audit of data and gather information from discussions with key stakeholders and observation, to measure compliance with agreed pricing or service agreements,
  • audit documentation and information such as invoices, medicines usage data, KPI reports, patient medication charts or patient history information, and
  • use this information to assess the level of compliance, identify where non-compliance is occurring, provide an estimate of the cost of non-compliance and make recommendations to achieve the value the contract was intended to deliver.